Transform Normal CCTV Camera To AI Cloud Camera

"Tentovision provides a secure camera system with cloud-based backup recordings that can be utilized in the event of an unexpected event. You will be able to access a large variety of features while also saving money on the cost of data storage for your camera network."

TentoVision provides Solutions for...

Motion Detection

Tentovision detects people who enter your location at unusual times and assists you in keeping your properties safe. When a person is detected in your CCTV camera, you will receive an alert on your phone and a local alarm will be activated at your location.

  • Makes your CCTV system proactive
  • Secure your location

Centralized Viewing Platform

By connecting your CCTV systems to the cloud, you will be able to access the footage from each of your different locations within a single centralized platform. This will make monitoring a lot simpler and more efficient.

  • H264 Storage
  • 256 bit encryption

24/7 Access

With cloud-based video surveillance, you can access your footage from anywhere and at any time (provided you have an internet connection)! In the past, it was frequently necessary to manually access the security system in order to view the footage.

  • Provides additional Backup
  • Powerful encryption algorithm

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Organizations using TentoVision achieve a 99% reduction in theft and robbery.


₹ 49/month
3 days cloud storage
  • Motion detection
  • H264 storage
  • 256 bit encryption

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