Transform Normal CCTV Camera To AI Camera

"A future-proof AI surveillance solution with cloud storage, motion detection, intrusion detection, and rapid alert that enables you to notice and respond in real-time to suspicious activities."



Years warranty

Upfront Cost

TentoVision provides Solutions for...


TentoVision is an AI-powered video surveillance device that can detect suspicious activity in real time. When using this technology, users can shift their focus from responding to incidents to proactively preventing them.

  • Line crossing Detection
  • Person instrument Detection
  • Handgun Detection
  • Person Loitering Detection

Cloud Storage

DVR/NVR camera systems, which store footage locally, are typically bulky and hard to maintain. Therefore, TentoVision's cloud solution are a generally better option for organizations that require 24/7, remote access to footage.

  • Motion Detection
  • H264 Storage
  • 256 Bit Encryption
  • Live Streaming

Video Analytics

As a result of the huge quantity of data that cameras generate, analytics teams are sometimes unable to manually evaluate the recorded footage. TentoVision offers best video analytics solution for organizations and businesses.

  • Heat Map Generation
  • People Counting
  • Customer Analytics
  • Data Visualization

Why TentoVision?

Easy Installation

Setup time for TentoVision is as little as 5 minutes. Simplify the installation process, save space on-site, and eliminate the possibility of the recorder being stolen or malfunctioning.

No Upfront Cost

No upfront payment is required. Future-proof your existing system and transform it into a cloud based AI device without the cost of replacing your hardware

AI based Technology

AI-powered production is set to transform how you work with technologies and with less trouble and better, more refined results.

Instant Mobile Alert

Using TentoVision mobile app get instant alerts when any suspicious activities take place. Filters out noise such as lighting changes and animal/tree movements to improve reliability and ensure no false alarms

TentoVision provides assistance for...


Prevent theft and ensure valuable assets are protected and secure. Get easy remote video access and unlimited motion alerts.

Retail Markets

Protect your shop and view all cameras from one place, using the TentoVision app and get instant alert if any suspicious activities take place.


Maintain a safe and secure environment for your consumers. Prevent property loss due to theft and robbery.


Enable centralized monitoring of multiple locations and cameras. Protect your community and valuable assets.

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